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Build, Test, Deploy

Optional Build, test and deploy your app for free using GitLab-CI


Develop and Debug

Start fast with a fully configured development environment.

Using the Visual Studio Code Remote - Containers extension, your development happens inside of a Docker container. You can start building your project right away on Windows, Linux or Mac.


Start Serverless

Optional You can use the Serverless integration to deploy your app to AWSLambda in minutes. Save time and money by not worrying about servers.


Monitor your App

You can use the Sentryapplication monitoring platform to help you
diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of your code.


Quick Admin Views

You can manage your web services data through a user-friendly interface with minimal code. Rapidly develop admin tooling using Flask-Admin with the beautiful AdminLTE3 theme.


Learn the Code

You will have full access to the source code for learning how to make production ready Flask applications. Learn as you build make money as you learn!


Sell Your Product

Pro Manage products, subscriptions, coupons, and invoices. Let your users manage their subscriptions using Stripe Customer Portal. Easily add new products, subscriptions, coupons, and more.


Users

Pro Hassle free authentication with apps like Google and Facebook.


Connect with Users

Pro Flask-Intercom makes it easy to integrate your app with Intercom to connect with users using email and chat across their customer journey.


Use Features Flags

Beta Use Flask-FeatureFlags to deploy your application's new features to production for a subsets of users to do controlled testing, and separate feature delivery from customer launch.

Design without writing CSS

Thousands of CSS Helpers

Customize colors, buttons, typography, gaps, spaces and everything for every single screen sizes individually without writing any CSS at all.

Pixel Perfect to Every Screen Size

Prebuilt 174 Layouts

With enormous built in layouts, rigorously tested and optimized for laptops, phones, tabs and every other devices; Posh empowers you to design sites in a more flexible and multitudinous way.

Built for Startups

Well Organised and Documented Code

Posh comes with high-end styling, well indented code and detailed documentation for each elements. Perfectly designed to guide starters

Generate your App

We'll create the app with your name on it!

Everything you need, covered.

Crafted with advance thinking to help you do more



20,000 pageviews / day
  • One-time Download
  • AdminLTE 3 Theme
  • Flask-Security-Too
  • Users and Roles
  • Serverless YAML
  • GitLab-CI YAML



20,000 pageviews / day
  • Everything in Standard
  • Self-Service Billing
  • Auth0 Authentication
  • Intercom Chat and Email
  • Sentry Monitoring
  • Access to Beta Features
  • 1-year of Updates
  • 1-hour Consultation

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